ESI Registration guide


This guide will show you how to sign in and register your Eve Online characters.

To start, simply click the "LOG IN with EVE online" button on the top right. This will take you to the eve online Single-Sign-On process.

The character you will sign into the website will be the one linked as your main.

After logging into your main character, you will be redirected to a discord Single-Sign-On process.

After you completed both steps, you will now be able to access your profile page.

Your profile page displays general information about your character. In here you will be able to sign in with all of your other in-game characters and link them to your main.

The white "LOG IN with EVE online" button is used to sign in with ALL of your characters, which will be added to the table right below it.

You must add all of your characters to this list.

Each character row in the table will change color based on that character's status:

Grey/White means it is being queried, Green means it has been successfully queried and cached in our system, Yellow/Red means there was an error and you will need to re-add the character using the white "LOG IN with EVE online" button.